Client Testimonials

“It was no one but God that had them (Partners for Healing) call me when they did.”

Rosie Mitchell – Partners for Healing Patient.

In August 2011 my health started to change on me, it just happened out of nowhere!! I used to enjoy walking, and I would walk around the track with my son, because he was going through a health problem, and I would catch myself taking him walking and would find myself sitting and resting while he walked!!

My mother lives just a street over from me. I found I couldn’t even do that walk. Then I found it was hard to walk from my front porch to the car, and I was wheezing. Doing things that I usually do every day was too much for me. I found myself resting with anything that I did.

Making my bed, I would cry because I didn’t have the strength to even throw the covers on the bed and I would cry. I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I was going to the doctor and telling them. When my speech became slurred it really worried me, because I thought it might mean a stroke, my mouth would fill up with saliva.

My appetite changed, food didn’t taste like it used to, food tasted different. I wouldn’t be hungry and that worried my husband. Everyone was on me, telling me to go to the doctor, or asking what is the doctor saying. I had a tooth ache, but after it left I kept a swollen face for weeks. By this time my family was really worried. My husband would tell me when I slept at night I would stop breathing, and he would stay awake and keep watch over me. My feet and three fingers on each hand became numb. My feet really bothered me.

Partners for Healing called me to come in for a test. That night I found myself sitting up on my side of my bed sleeping, I couldn’t lie down. It was no one but God that had them (Partners for Healing) call me when they did.

The next day my son came and took me to the doctor. They ran the test and asked me to sit out in the waiting area. Belle Ruyten came out and said “Rosie, you need to go right to the hospital. I am going to call them, and they will be waiting for you.”

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t even ask what was wrong. I just left. I told my son he would have to go tell his Dad, and let your sisters know, and please let my mother know.

I got to the hospital. They connected me somewhere, and a doctor came in and told me and my son I had fluid on my heart. I found that the fluid was caused by my thyroid being over active and because of it being over active I couldn’t be put to sleep during the operation, but by the grace of God I made it through, and I give Him glory. My doctor said it was unusual for a thyroid to act like that.

Rosie Mitchell – June 2012