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All 3 of these agencies allow the donor to setup reoccurring donations & one time giving. 


What your donation buys…

  • $10 provides one in-house lab.
  • $45 provides one hour of practitioner time.
  • $175 provides care for one patient visit.
  • $750 provides care for five patient visits.
  • $1,000 provides one year of care for one advanced diabetic patient.


For 17 years Partners for Healing has benefited from the generosity of people who remembered this important organization in their financial planning. Such support is extremely important to us and is greatly appreciated. Here are four ways you might consider including a gift in your plans.

  1. Ask your heirs to give a gift to us in your memory.
  2. Name our organization as one of the beneficiaries of whatever remains in your IRA or retirement plan.
  3. Arrange for the remainder in a savings or stock account to go to our organization.
  4. Make our organization a beneficiary of a life insurance policy you already own.

Through the generosity of businesses, churches, civic groups, specialists, and individuals you are helping to provide those around you and our community with a wonderful gift – the gift of health. With your gift we are able to provide a medical home and continuity of care which improves health. This allows those we serve to care not only for themselves and their families, but to remain a viable and active part within our community.With the growing needs of our patients, our services are expanding.  We are now offering in house labs to our patients at no cost.

Please consider volunteering some of your time, talent and financial support as you review this program.

“Partners has saved my life, if I wouldn’t have found this place I really think I would have died. You have helped me get my diabetes under control and saved me from losing my foot. Partners is a blessing to our community.”-John

Partners found and detected breast cancer for my mom and we were able to get the treatment and care immediately. She is in full recover and we owe everything to you.”-Lin



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