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A place for healthcare support for the working uninsured, those in transition to work, full-time students and those on disability is more important now than ever. COVID-19 has made us adjust operations to include implementation of telehealth options and more PPE.  While we’ve changed processes, the ongoing need to serve the uninsured has only increased. In the first quarter of 2020, Partners for Healing saw a 38% rise in patient visits. In June alone, 816 prescriptions were written. 

As you can imagine, due to the pandemic, there are events and industries that normally contribute to us that may not be able to this year. Your generosity is a blessing as we navigate these unusual times. We continue to strive to be good stewards of your contributions and look for ways to operate more effectively.

We’ve restructured our sponsorship program to ensure that our loyal supporters receive recognition throughout the year.  For a gift as little as $500, you can begin receiving perks. Our complete package is available below. If you would like to learn more in person, please contact Lynn Brumfield, Executive Director at (931) 455-5014.

Faith LeGrone
Mobile Mammogram Screening
Manchester Times
Staff Writer Elena Cawley
Apr 17, 2020 Updated Apr 18, 2020 

Partners for Healing Adjusts Hours during COVID-19  

Partners for Healing, a clinic serving the working uninsured has adjusted its operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pictured are Board Member Rebecca French, left, and Director Lyn Brumfield.

Tullahoma News
Staff Writer Katelyn Lawson
March 19, 2020

LeGrone not sheepish about Partners

One of the greatest assets that Partners for Healing (PFH) has attained during its years of life-changing service is nurse practitioner Faith LeGrone.

Tullahoma News
Staff writer Katelyn Lawson
January 19, 2020

Williams’ imaging helps save lives

Bryan Williams, a diagnostic sonographer and owner/CEO of Allied Imaging, LLC volunteers once a month at PFH to perform ultrasounds for patients, bringing his own equipment with him.

Thank you Tullahoma First United Methodist Women for your donation

This week, Partners for Healing received a generous gift from the Tullahoma First United Methodist Women’s Group  for our Shot in the Arm campaign.  We so appreciate their continued support.

Tullahoma News 
Staff writer Katelyn Lawson
December 7, 2019

Partners for Healing Helps the Working Uninsured

Mike Singleton from Cubic, left, Cubic Senior Director of Operations Clay Cozart, Partners for Healing Executive Director Lynn Brumfield and Partners for Healing Board President Rebecca French celebrate Cubic’s generous donation to the nonprofit.  

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