• Flu Shots

  • Annual examsphysical-exam

    -Well woman (including Pap)

    -Well man

  • Chronic Disease self- management education and treatment

    Diabetes                                   – Hypertension                                             -Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol)

  • Acute illnesses: colds, flu, sore throat, allergies, strains and sprains, cuts, burns (mild), suture removal.bandaidicon

  • Mammograms (St. Thomas sends their mobile unit once a quarter)

  • Ultrasounds (once a month)

  • EKGs

  • Labscarticon

    In partnership with our 4 local hospitals: chest x-rays

  • Prescription Assistance program

  • Mental Health Counseling

  • Referrals to specialists and specialty areashearticon

  • We provide services for age 1 year and older (until 65), though Tennessee takes care of its children very well.

    -We will see children, but we also try to assist their parents in applying for Tennessee’s coverage. Sometimes, older teenagers will not be covered for whatever reason, and we will continue seeing them. Please visit for an application for your family.

 We do not duplicate services our local health department offers. So,

  1. No Birth Control
  2. No STD screening
  3. No immunizations

We do not do physicals for third parties, i.e. disability, work related, sports.


PFH is committed to providing high quality medical care to our patients. We will continue to evaluate and treat pain experienced by our patients. We will offer conservative narcotic-free treatment of chronic pain which is associated with some medical conditions. There are multiple options for treating acute pain including oral medications, physical therapy, splinting, exercise, heat and cold, etc. which we can provide or refer our patients. At times, certain conditions will not be able to be treated in our clinic because we will not be able to provide services in a safe and effective method.

The treatment of chronic pain with narcotics has resulted in thousands of deaths, abuse, and diversion of narcotics into our schools and society. Tennessee is one of the states which has been the most severely affected. After evaluating the new guidelines for dispensing chronic narcotics, we have determined our clinic is not set up to and therefore will not manage chronic pain with narcotics.

In the case of a need or desire for chronic narcotic therapy, we recommend obtaining care from a clinic which specifically treats chronic pain. Patients who choose to pursue this option will still have the opportunity for their other medical problems to be treated by PFH. PFH will under no circumstances however provide any chronic narcotic therapy.